At BlueSky Financial Administration, we believe accurate and well documented bookkeeping is the foundation to developing processes and best practices that help small businesses and organizations achieve bigger and better things.

Through our many years of experience working with small businesses and not-for-profits – across a wide range of industries and market sectors – we’ve learned that it’s clear consistent communication and sound financial administration processes that make our clients happier and financially healthier in the short and long term.

Finding the right balance for you and your business

  • We speak accountants’ language, and we know what they are looking for
  • We are experts at dealing with requests or inquiries from taxation centres including Canada Revenue Agency and the provincial Minister of Finance
  • We’ll work with you to develop systems and processes that improve profitability
  • Our professionalism and accuracy will ensure you are prepared to respond in the event of a provincial or federal audit.
  • We help make sense of your books from a cash flow perspective
  • We teach financial literacy – so you understand what your financial statements are telling you
  • We can save you time, frustration and potentially money by conducting and streamlining all bookkeeping services right up to your year-end reporting to your accountant
  • We can work with you on-site or become your virtual financial administration office
  • We understand financial impacts and risks related to labour standards
  • Once your books are in good shape, we can train your people to do all or some of the work

Our Story

BlueSky Financial Administration evolved out of the desire to dispel the common myth that accurate, well-documented bookkeeping is simply about data entry.

BlueSky’s president, Angela Hildebrand, gained a world of knowledge working alongside former Gumprich Bookkeeping’s founder Sigrid Gumprich (now Varnes). The two formed a dynamic, experienced team who, above all else, love helping clients gain confidence in their numbers so they can focus on running and growing their businesses. Sigrid has gradually transitioned the leadership of the company to Angela, however she maintains a stewardship role in the business.

Angela’s unique ability is helping clients to see the benefits of a full range or processes, practices and customized services that are available to them. This means taking clients beyond bookkeeping to brighter days ahead in the financial management of their businesses.

This is BlueSky Financial Administration.

As a business owner I struggled to find time for anything. Since teaming up with BlueSky Financial Administration, I have freed up my time to focus on tasks that I am better suited at handling. It’s not often we are able to find a company that will put as much effort into our business as they put into theirs.
Justin Gereta
Justlee Construction