Financial Administration

Strong, accurate bookkeeping is the foundation for today’s business success. Financial administration is the vehicle that prepares you for a brighter tomorrow.

We see ourselves as the bridge between your internal financial practices and the year-end financial reporting services your accountant provides. Our approach is to help clients deal with issues such as non-compliance, lost or missing information, knowledge gaps, and unprofitable business practices. These are services that aren’t often part of a bookkeeper’s contract or the business owners’ job but are an essential part of accurate, effective financial administration.

Our approach is different because it’s founded on the belief that greater success occurs when we combine traditional bookkeeping services and best practices with a stronger communication channel around cashflow and financial management.

We’re problem solvers who bring together the right advice and information, more open lines of communication, and regular face-to-face meetings around forward planning, and addressing critical financial issues and opportunities. We aren’t just punching in the numbers, we’re looking at what the numbers are telling us not only about your cash flow but future plans you have for your business. We can help you budget, streamline processes and, if you wish, we’ll deal with CRA. We’ll do everything we can to support your businesses productivity and profitability, up to the point where you need to rely on higher authorities such as certified accountants or lawyers.

Bridging the bookkeeping and accounting divide

Once again, we speak your accountant’s language. We know what they’re looking for and what you need to provide to them for your year-end and compliance obligations. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to lower the accountants bill, we can promise to have your books in order to help them do their job with less stress on you.

Checks and balances

The final piece of our financial administration process is quality assurance. We’re constantly double-checking all the work, whether it’s the entries of your internal bookkeeper who we may be training, or our own staff. We have consistent and clear checkpoints to monitor accuracy, efficiency and to flag any concerns. Our process ensures that there’s always a second set of eyes on the books.

We do this so you can focus on the real reasons you went into business in the first place. It’s financial administration that takes you beyond bookkeeping, so you can see the BlueSky ahead.