Customized Service Arrangements

If there’s one thing all of our clients have in common, it’s that they each have different internal capabilities or external requirements when it comes to their bookkeeping and financial administration needs. We understand this, and we’ll work with you to come up with the right customized service package for where you’re at and where you need to be.

There are a few different approaches, but whichever one you choose, we’re all in once the contract is in place, bringing over two decades of expertise and proven processes to work for you.

On-site at your office

Bring a little BlueSky into your workplace by having one of our team members work on site for you for a designated amount of time, based on your needs.  For some clients this has been as much as five days a week, where a BlueSky team member is onsite conducting bookkeeping tasks as needed. This allows you to have all the bookkeeping power of one of our experienced team members without the hassle of hiring and training your own staff. They can handle data entry, payroll, accounts payable and receivables, month end and year end reconciliations and deal with all the fun of GST, PST and source deductions.  

This team member has full access to all of the expertise and support of their colleagues in the BlueSky offices should questions or concerns arise.

Virtual back office

In this arrangement, we are primarily working in the BlueSky offices, but you are funnelling the work you want us to do through the processes we’ll set up to make this as easy as possible for you. In this arrangement, we generally are working on tasks as assigned using your accounting software and are dealing with the business owner or leadership appointee. We’ll do the cheques for example and get them to you for signature and distribution. One of the benefits of this arrangement is that your BlueSky resource always has up to the minute support from their teammates.

Virtual front office

When you contract BlueSky to work as your front office, we become the financial administration arm of your business. We may be the mailing address for your vendors and clients. We’ll send invoices and statements, collect and deposit payments. We may have authority to conduct and view your online banking, including etransfers, statements, etc. We may also handle the full spectrum of bookkeeping tasks. One of the primary advantages of this approach is that we are fully engaged to interact with your clients, vendors and employees – leaving you free to focus on your business growth and success.