Q & A

Frankly, our books are a mess because no one has been giving this task the time it deserves. How will you make this less painful for us?

There’s no shame in the fact that you haven’t been able to keep your books up to date and compliant. You’re not alone and that’s because you may not have the training or expertise at your fingertips to handle these tasks. Everything starts with a conversation, and the first consultation is free. You don’t need to reveal anything to us in the meeting but let us know the scope of the help you need. We’ll design the customize package we think will work best to clean up past problems and get you on the right path to ensure your business isn’t exposed to unnecessary losses related to GST, PST and payroll compliance as well as accounts payable and accounts receivable.

We have a staff person who seems to be doing an adequate job on the books. Can you help bring them up to speed while getting our books in better shape?

Absolutely. We’ll take a look at how they’re handling data entry, reconciliations and compliance. We’ll offer suggestions and if you wish, team them up with one of our team members for customized training related to the software you’re using – either QuickBooks, QuickBooks® Online, Sage and XERO™.

Isn’t bookkeeping just data entry? Why do I need your help?

You’re here, so that tells us you likely aren’t loving having to work on your books over the weekends or after you’ve put in a whole day with clients or projects to try and keep on top of it all. Fact is, you could be losing money through such common issues as being late with your GST, PST and source deduction payments and having to pay those nasty penalties not to mention the time you might be losing for the work you actually need to do to keep your business profitable.