Who We Work With

At BlueSky Financial Administration, our core values include accountability, accuracy, openness and a focus on “getting it right”. We’ve built strong relationships with clients in a variety of sectors whose values and expectations align with our own when it comes to the financial side of their business.

These are people who are open to advice about how to be more compliant and profitable. In some cases, this evolution of shared values occurs over time as we work with clients to break down some of the challenges and barriers they may have experienced through traditional bookkeeping approaches.

We have extensive experience working with home-based businesses, self-employed entrepreneurs, non-profits, daycares, marketing, manufacturing, and construction sectors and more.

We are invested in working with you

We want to learn about your business and work with you to solve problems together. Common challenges and misperceptions we’ve helped clients overcome are:

  • Shame about how they handled their business finances in the past — There’s no shame in admitting you need help. Unless you’re a bookkeeper, you likely didn’t go into business to be one.
  • Financial administration duties being handled by a staff member in addition to all of their other duties — Up-to-date, accurate bookkeeping can reveal so much about your business including where you’re making money and where you’re not. Pushing it to the side of someone’s desk could be costing you more than you know.
  • Bookkeeping is just data entry — While accurate data entry is part of it, seeing it as a low value task for your business or workforce could mean it’s being done with low effort, leaving you open to financial and reputational risk.

We want to work with you if you care about the financial future of your business and are open to the right advice to help you analyze where you’re at and where you want to go.

BlueSky Financial Administration has been a saviour for me. I was constantly being contacted by Revenue Canada about every error in the world and my stress levels were through the roof. Now the group does it all and I sleep like a baby at night. They are great people and do a great job.
Rick Wolfson
Wolfson Financial Services